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Moving Mississippi

Mississippi for All

Mississippi needs to be a Land of Opportunity for ALL of its citizens.

Mike is totally committed to ALL Mississippians having access to their rights of citizenship, due process, full equality, and specifically civil rights, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.  Mike believes that ALL Mississippians should have the support of their government to protect against any efforts that prevent our citizens from pursuing their life’s ambitions.

Mike Espy promises to be an independent senator for ALL of Mississippi, putting people over party.  He will work with anyone – whether they are against him or for him – if it will benefit Mississippi and its citizens.

Jobs and Economy

Mike Espy is committed to the joint goal of creating well-paying, quality jobs and to an economy that works for ALL Mississippians.

World-class manufacturers who have invested in Mississippi know the value of our workforce. To attract additional outside investments and to build a home-grown entrepreneurial economy, we need to strengthen our workforce training.

Mississippi needs to have a modern, reliable infrastructure that will allow for Mississippi companies to have reliable transportation and technology that is competitive, such as statewide broadband.

And in order for Mississippi’s workers to support their families, Mike Espy is strongly for an increase in the supply of child care services, paid family leave, an increased minimum wage, and an expanded Earned Income Tax Credit.

Agriculture and Our Rural Areas

Mike Espy grew up in a small, rural, Mississippi town, and he highly values the rural way of life. In addition, as a Member of Congress representing a rural district and as the nation’s Secretary of Agriculture, he has used his knowledge and experience to improve our agricultural economy.

In Mississippi, agriculture is the largest part of our economy. In addition to row crops, Mississippi has strong production in poultry/eggs, pork, cattle, catfish, and forestry.
Because so much of Mississippi’s agricultural produce is exported, Mike Espy sees punitive tariffs as being harmful to our farmers, to our state’s economy, and to future trade. (It also is potentially harmful to our state’s growing automobile industry.)

Our Constitution specifically gives responsibility for tariffs to the Congress. Mike Espy believes that that the current, unchecked misuse of tariff policy needs to return to how the Founding Fathers intended.

Washington Accountability

Mississippi’s citizens face enough challenges without having the deck stacked against them.

Mississippi needs a government that will put people over politics and fairness over self-interest, Citizen’s tax dollars should be spent on needed services and programs, not on personal trips or fancy furniture. Laws against waste, fraud, and corruption are to protect the American citizenry and should be dutifully applied and enforced.

Washington’s incredible wastefulness of tax dollars is abhorrent to any sense of fairness or rational thinking. In addition, by using their Washington influence, Wall Street seems immune from any restraint or accountability for its actions, even when they unfairly treat millions of hard-working citizens.

Tax cuts were given to corporations to drive the economy with increased jobs and salaries, and yet Mississippi has seen virtually none of these intended benefits. These tax cuts improved corporations’ bottom line, but there has not been the trickle down that was promised.


Mike Espy believes that all of Mississippi’s children deserve access to a quality education that will allow them to reach their full potential. Education is the surest path to individual success and the collective success of our state and country.

Mike Espy will work to implement specific actions that are needed by Mississippians and their communities to improve our current education offerings. Senators from rural states can work together to increase the number of quality teachers, such as loan forgiveness which has been successful in attracting doctors to rural areas.

Increased professional development is essential to improving the quality of our teacher workforce. And if education is the key to Mississippi’s success, college and post-secondary education should be made more affordable by increasing interest subsidies on student loans and by stopping predatory for-profit schools from exploiting our adult learners.

Health Care

Mike Espy and the people of Mississippi agree that our current healthcare system needs to be repaired and improved. He believes that Mississippians need access to affordable health care and that fixing health care for the American people will require a bipartisan solution. He wants to lower the cost of prescription drugs and rein in out-of-control insurance premiums, high deductibles, and caps on individual health costs.

Mike Espy will protect and defend the parts of our health system that currently are under attack, such as for people with pre-existing conditions. He believes strongly in increasing access for Mississippians to treatment programs to fight the current epidemic of opioid and substance abuse. He believes that Mississippians should have full access to the services and programs that are available to many other Americans through expanded funding of Medicaid and CHIP.

Espy will fight for women’s rights so that women’s reproductive health is free from gender discrimination, targeting especially the availability of sufficient health insurance coverage and medical services. Women should have the basic right to make their own decisions about their personal health.

Expanded health services can be an economic engine to provide a “double benefit” for Mississippians both by improving our health and by providing needed jobs to be paid by already- existing insurance and government-funded streams.


Mike Espy believes in a secure border and enforced immigration laws that are fairly applied to all. He does not support building “The Wall” because the cost is not justified compared to other more cost-effective methods of immigration control.

Mike believes that the separation of children from their parents is abhorrent to our sense of American decency. The contorted administrative justification of this action should not be tolerated if we are to have a country where laws are applied equally and fairly for all.

Veterans and Seniors

Mike Espy will protect and improve the services for those who have served us so faithfully, our veterans and our seniors.  Our veterans and our seniors are entitled to health services, income subsidy, and need-based support at a time in their lives when they need us to repay our debt to them.  They often suffer from the lack availability of services, long wait-times, poor quality of those services, and the mismanagement of the bureaucracy that is supposed to serve them.

Mississippi has over 190,000 veterans, 80,000 of whom are over the age of 65.  In addition, there are another 382,000 Mississippians over the age of 65 who do not have access to veterans’ services.  BOTH deserve our grateful support.

Mike Espy will fight the current efforts in Washington to cut back on the benefits and programs to which our veterans and seniors are currently entitled, and he will work across the aisle to increase their availability and effectiveness.  He will hold accountable the VA hospitals and services in Mississippi to be responsive to and effective caregivers of our treasured veterans.

National Security and the Military

Mississippi is proud to do more than its part to support our nation’s defense.

Mississippi is the home of installations of the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force.  In addition, NASA’s Stennis Space Center and Ingalls Shipbuilding are key to building the safety of our country for years to come.  Active duty soldiers in all five of the military branches (including the Marines and Coast Guard) live in Mississippi, and our state has one of the largest Army Reserves in the country.

Mike Espy will fight for Mississippi to maintain these military assets that are essential for our state’s economy and for the future of our nation’s armed forces.

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